We offer a diverse range of services to our clients which utilise the combined experience of our growing team.

Many projects take advantage of our full range of services, helping our clients maximise efficiency by making Julk their 'one-stop shop' for digital media and software.

For a full range of services or to find out if our team can help you, please get in touch.

Graphic Design

At the core of all projects is a great design. From traditional design for branding and print media to complex user interfaces and applications, we have the experience to ensure your project looks fantastic.

Our creative team work closely with you to refine every design to meet your tastes and requirements.

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Websites and Mobile Apps

We make all kinds of websites and applications for all devices and platforms.

Whether it's a simple brochure site, an e-commerce superstore or the next big viral application, we've got the knowledge and experience to turn your idea into a reality.

Building a great website or app is only part of the job. We want to help people find your website, give them a great experience and enable you to convert them into happy customers.

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Software Development

Our development team builds and maintains a diverse range of software applications across all platforms.

Our experience includes building full commercial CRM systems, sales tools, data capture systems, access control applications, process management tools and much more.

All our code adheres to the latest standards and best practices. This ensures our software will offer performance, reliability and scale with your business.

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Digital Security

Protecting your business from electronic threats has never been more important. There are more opportunities than ever for malicious 3rd parties to access, steal or sabotage your business's intellectual property, contact databases, financial information and more.

Firstly, we can help you take a preventative approach by auditing and testing your current website, network and IT security. Our feedback will include detailed reports along with the introduction of tools and processes to help encrypt and protect your data.

If you've already become the victim of some form of cyber attack, we can potentially help you undo some of the damage, discover who or what was responsible and most importantly, ensure that it doesn't happen again.

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